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It is hard to live without the convenience and efficiency of gas-powered appliances. However, aging appliances, older gas pipes, and improperly-installed appliances raise the risk of dangerous gas leaks. If you suspect you may have a gas leak, seek professional help immediately.

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Why You Cannot Afford to Ignore Aging Gas Lines

If you are lucky, you can live most of your life in a house without having to replace the gas lines. Steel and copper gas pipes can last for decades. However, even the sturdiest materials fall prey to time eventually.

It is easy to overlook the pernicious effects of corrosion on the integrity of gas lines. When gas lines work correctly, they fade into the background. Periodic inspection and replacement of aging gas pipes keep your home safe for you and future generations of your family.

Corroded gas lines can leak gas into your home, putting you at risk of unconsciousness. Leaked gas can even explode if exposed to flame through something as simple as lighting a cigarette or turning on the stove. Given that natural gas is colorless and has an odor often confused with rotten eggs, it can be difficult to see the threat coming until you’re at severe risk.  

When to Call for Help About a Suspected Gas Leak

The distinctive smell of mercaptan, a sulfur-containing additive to natural gas, is often the first sign of a gas leak. Attentive homeowners should look for these other signs of a gas leak.

What to Do While You Wait for Help When You Suspect a Gas Leak

A suspected gas line leak may be a false alarm, but don’t allow yourself to become complacent. Stay safe and assume that any suspected leak is an actual leak until a professional inspector tells you that your gas lines are secure.

Don’t allow yourself or anyone else to fall victim to a natural gas leak in your home. Natural gas inhalation can cause people to lose consciousness, rendering them helpless as the gas builds up and unable to escape if an explosion occurs or a fire breaks out.

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Replacing Old Gas Pipes

The Aquamanz Plumbing & Heating technicians have experience installing and repairing pipes and gas-powered appliances. We have years of expertise in identifying worn-out, crumbling pipes at risk of developing leaks. We offer dependable installation of modern gas pipes and adhere to code for gas line maintenance and installation.

 Your safety is paramount for us. We use sensitive equipment to detect tiny leaks before you and your family notice them. We also check all the gas hook-ups. 

We use appropriate protective gear and safety equipment to eliminate the risks of toxicity and accidental sparks. Once we finish our repairs, you can safely enjoy your gas appliances and return to your life.

Fix Your Gas Pipes the Safe and Effective Way with Aquamanz Plumbing & Heating

Many residents of Massapequa, NY, don’t know everything they can about safely using gas appliances and heating. Aquamanz Plumbing & Heating wants to change that, one satisfied customer at a time. We strive to ensure that every homeowner in our community has the information they need to maintain their house safely.

Now that you know about the risks of a gas leak, do the responsible thing and schedule service from the experts on gas line repair in Massapequa, NY.  

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