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A leaking sewage line or pipe in the wall are both terrible. They smell, cause significant damage, and are a pain to fix. However, no leaks are as harmful as slab leaks.

Slab leaks can cause significant damage to your home, foundation, and yard. If left unchecked, they can destroy your foundation or cause your home to collapse. If you think you have a slab leak, contact a professional.

At Aquamanz Plumbing & Heating, we know all about slab leaks and can help repair a slab if the water damage isn’t too substantial. We are the most comprehensive plumbing repair professionals in Massapequa, NY.

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Symptoms of Slab Leaks

Slab leaks occur when water pipes in or under the foundation of your home burst. This leak wears away at the concrete foundation and significantly impacts your home. Slab leaks are difficult to detect, but some signs may present themselves.

Common signs of slab leaks are:

Ensure you familiarize yourself with this list of symptoms. Noticing them early may help save your home from water damage.

Effects of Slab Leaks

Not noticing a slab leak may result in lasting damage to your foundation and your home. Slab leaks can cause various issues for your home, including:

If the hot water lines break in your foundation, these may also cause damage to your water heater. By constantly running low on water, your heating elements can’t cool down in the tank. These elements quickly burn up in such situations.

Burned water heater elements aren’t costly but can be challenging to change depending on the model of the water heater and its location in your home.

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Repairing Slab Leaks

There aren’t many house problems worse than slab leaks. Slab leak repair in Massapequa, NY, isn’t the easiest of plumbing services, but it is necessary. If you catch it early enough, it makes our job easier.

We use several methods to fix slab leaks, which fall into two categories: trenchless repair methods and traditional methods. Trenchless methods are often much cheaper but are more of a repair than a replacement. A conventional replacement will be more effective in the long run but is much more expensive and labor intensive.

Trenchless Repair Methods

Trenchless repair methods are often the cheapest ways to fix slab leaks. One method involves cleaning out the pipes and lining them with an epoxy resin that coats all cracks and breaks.

Another trenchless method is “inverted pipe lining.” Here, we fill a tube with strong glue, invert it, and pump it into the pipes with a specialized air pump. The new lining coats the old pipes and dries, forming tight seals!

Other more invasive methods of trenchless repair exist, like pipe bursting. For concrete applications, these are less stable. We prefer inverted pipe lining or epoxy coats for slab leaks.

Traditional Methods

One traditional method that we use is repiping. We excavate a portion of your yard, remove the pipes, and replace them with new ones. It may sound easy, but the excavation is lengthy and expensive.

“Rerouting” is another method we commonly use. If very few pipes need replacing, we may reroute new lines around the old ones and call it a day! It’s easy and accomplishes the same task as repiping, for much lower costs.

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If you have a slab leak, you must repair it before it worsens or impacts your home’s structural integrity. A slab leak that gets out of control will damage your foundation and may lead to your house’s collapse. A compromised foundation is a compromised house.

If we catch it quickly enough, it could be a simple repair. If you have a leak but don’t know if it’s a slab leak, give us a call. We can identify the problem and tell you how serious it is.

Schedule an appointment with us and tell us what you need. We offer the best repiping services in Massapequa, NY, and will work hard to ensure we restore your property’s safety.

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