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Repairing a sewer pipe using the traditional method involves digging a deep trench through your yard to access a pipe that may or may not have some damage. Regardless of the damage to the pipe, you now have a giant pit in your yard that will take ages to refill and cover with grass or flowers. That’s why plumbing installers in Massapequa from Aquamanz Plumbing & Heating offer trenchless sewer replacement services.

Trenchless sewer replacement methods allow technicians to repair pipes without destroying your yard or breaking apart concrete.

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Signs of Sewer Line Problems

There are many different ways to spot a sewer line leak. Here are the most common signs of sewer line problems:

While these are the most common signs of sewer leaks, many other symptoms depend on the layout of your home and plumbing. Call us if you think you have a sewer line leak. We have years of experience in the field and can help you determine if there is a leak and where it is.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement Methods

These sewer pipe replacement strategies are the easiest way to fix a pipe in your yard. These methods are more straightforward than digging up the yard and replacing the pipe, but they sometimes take longer.

There are a few ways that we perform a trenchless sewer replacement in Massapequa, NY. Let’s look at the four most common methods below.

Pipe Bursting

When a pipe is too damaged to install a new into or patch, busting the pipe is the easiest way to change it. First, we dig a small hole on either side of the pipe and disconnect it from other lines, isolating the breakage. Then we fit a wench nearby and run the cable through the pipe.

We fit a specialized tool on one end and attach it to the wench. The wench drags the device through the pipe, disintegrating it and allowing us to make room for a new pipe. We install the new pipe in place of the old one, attach it, and fill in the holes.

Inversion Lining

If you’ve seen any internet-related videos about plumbing, you’ve likely seen a video of an inversion lining. We coat the inside of a long sleeve in glue, invert it, and fit it to a pressurized pump. The pump pushes it through the pipes, dries, quickly repairs the crack and creates a new pipe.

Pipe Patching

Pipe patching is similar to inversion lining but on a much smaller scale. First, we find the crack and clean out the pipes, and then we fit a small section of the glued lining onto an apparatus that pumps out to attach the patch to the pipe’s interior. This patch dries, and your system is good to go!

Epoxy Linings

The best trenchless sewer replacement approach for some pipes is spraying on an epoxy lining. First, we scrape off any corrosion or build-up inside the plumbing and clean the pipes thoroughly. Then, we spray an epoxy coating using a specialized tool that travels down the inside of the pipe.

The epoxy dries and acts as the new interior of your pipe for several years.

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Do Trenchless Repair Methods Work?

A trenchless sewer repair is often the best method for fixing minor leaks and cracks in pipes. In some cases, digging up the old pipe and replacing it is a legitimate strategy. These situations, however, are exceedingly rare.

Homeowners and technicians prefer trenchless sewer repair methods for many reasons, such as:

When Should You Call?

When you notice any of the above symptoms of a broken pipe, call us as soon as possible We will come out right away to determine if the pipe is broken. If so, we’ll start working to repair the breakage.

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