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Data collected from plumbing inspection experts in Massapequa, NY, indicates that water leaks cause thousands of dollars in damages every year. The only way to prevent these problems is to fix the source of the leak. However, it can be hard to find it.

Aquamanz Plumbing & Heating investigates water pipes for the smallest cracks and breaks, working above and beyond a temporary fix. That is how we have become the leading company for water leak repair in Massapequa, NY.

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Different Water Leaks and Their Symptoms

Pipe leaks cost thousands to clean up and repair. They damage walls by reducing their integrity and promote mold development out of sight, causing respiratory distress. Undiagnosed water leaks have a variety of indicators and cause different types of damage.

Let’s review some types of leaks, ways to notice them, and the damage they can cause:

Faucets that squeak or drip during and after use may leak. They often form puddles under the sink, causing the wood to swell and mold to grow. You may notice a rotten smell near the flooring next to a leaky faucet.

If the faucet pipes leak, they may discolor the walls and ceiling or cause rust to develop. If a break occurs in the water pipe, the supply may be slow or discolored from mildew, mold, or dirt in the piping.

The water pipes near toilets may gurgle or groan, indicative of faulty water flow. You may also notice small puddles of water near the base. The floors and walls near the toilet may buckle or swell from liquid seeping under the materials.

The standing water promotes mold growth and creates seeping space for sewage. All can cause bad smells like rotting food and fecal odors.

Check if your hot water pressure has decreased recently or does not flow at all. Also, be wary if you hear water dripping near your water heater or notice puddles of water near its base. 

Leaks near the water heater can be dangerous, as a faulty water pipe can also damage gas lines from erosion and pressure issues. Make a note if you smell a rotten egg scent near it. Although natural gas is colorless and odorless, gas companies place sulfates in the gas to produce that smell so people can notice any leaks.

Gas leaks can poison or kill a person with extended exposure. The highly flammable gas can also explode when exposed to fire.

Check the floors near your washing machines for bulges. Also, take note of any bulging, rusting, or cracking in the water hoses attached to the appliance.

Water leaks also cause bad smells from mold and mildew development, which can make your clothes smell musty. You may have a pipe leak if the heavy smell lingers in the laundry room.

How We Detect Water Leaks

A regular person may have trouble finding water leaks because most water pipes lie under the floors or inside the walls. Usually, damage that develops on the surface occurred a while back and proceeded to fester without your knowledge.

We use several tools for water leak repair in Massapequa, NY, including:

  • Dye tablets
  • Ground microphones
  • Listening discs
  • Thermal imaging
  • Snake detectors
  • Pipeline erection
  • Wall dismantling

A professional plumber can check your water lines in regularly scheduled maintenance appointments to prevent leaks from becoming a more expensive issue. We can also install shut-off valves that turn off the water supply once water pressure has increased or decreased too much in the pipes. You can also use manual valves to do it yourself if you suspect you have a leak.

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Technicians at Aquamanz Plumbing & Heating work tirelessly to ensure your safety and reduce any building damage. We seek out the source of the leak to repair it instead of only covering the visible symptoms of a leak. We focus on finding and solving problems on the first visit, saving you time and money.

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